We are a bonded team of fitness experts on a mission to create a healthier community in the hopes of changing lives and influencing others.​ Led by Wonder Woman herself Nikki Lee this team functions on your success.  This family of body transformation specialists and enthusiasts are looking to influence and with-draw the inner athlete in the public. Working to your goals you will experience the network of caring individuals willing you to succeed through the help of social media and team training.


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Utilizing the education and knowledge from the forefathers of bodybuilding and the maidens of muscle and fitness. We have formulated a program based on practical math and science that has proven to work repetitively. No longer are you forced to deal with gimmicks, commercialized products, or faulty diets. And we are there every step of the way pushing you to the great success you deserve.



Our goal is to share our knowledge and passion nationally and globally by welcoming all fitness and athletic enthusiasts to join us on this mission, to educate the public and empower them to live healthier lifestyles, and to help them achieve their lofty goals.​