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Private and semi-private sessions are offered in an exclusive studio located in a convenient plaza with plenty of parking.

Personal Home Training plans can be facilitated after in-house assessment and consultation have been completed.

We will then design the perfect workout program for you, based on your unique needs.

We also offer small group classes for a range of fitness levels and ages.




Most programs such as our 12-week body transformation challenge, include ongoing nutrition guidance and meal plans. We review supplementation and medication intake to assure you that complications and deficiencies do not arise. Endurance tracking and customized workouts focus around our H.E.A.T training system.  High energy athletic training allows you to get in shape and see what your body can do with consistency and hard work while never getting bored. The possibilities are endless! 





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10 Pack   $40 per session   Used in 90 days   $400.00   10 Sessions

6 Weeks   $38 per session   3 times a week   $684.00    18 Sessions

3 Months   $37 per session   2 times a week   $888.00   24 Sessions

                $34 per session   3 times a week   $1,224.00  36 sessions

6 Months   $30 per session   2 times a week   $1,440.00  48 sessions

                $28 per session   3 times a week   $2,016.00  72 sessions



Everyone needs a coach. If you are preparing for a show, don't do it alone. Have us help guide you through the diet, cardio, supplement, and water manipulation that is needed to be a champion. If this is your first time or you have competed longer than we have been alive, you still need another eye to assess your progress and push you to be your best.


Whether you are in off-season mode or simply wanting to get into the best shape of your life, put us in control of the outcome so you can achieve outstanding results!


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Although we do not offer daycare, we have a fun activity room for kids with games, internet, and Netflix. We know life happens but we want to make sure nothing gets in the way of your health and fitness goals. 

Children are invited to train and we offer fit camp class during vacations and several other times that are extremely cost-effective. Initial consultation required. 


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